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Skills are your way to be successful in life and all its aspects. Degrees are now not given as much importance as skills are given.



Skills are your way to be successful in life and all its aspects. Degrees are now not given as much importance as skills are given. Everyone can enroll into degree program and get a degree but you need special skills to put that degree into action. Most firms now question their candidates about their skills as they do not just want a qualified employee but they seek an employee who can excel in the job and meet all its standards. The competition is getting tougher with each passing day. People are widening their horizons and getting more opportunities. They are doing this by expanding their skill sets and learning more so that they can have a successful career and get hired by the best employers in the best companies. Here are some skills that are a must have for a successful career.  Read through the list carefully and you will come across how to achieve each of these skills.


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Communication is the most important thing in a human being’s life. Humans are called social animals that communicate with each other to get their messages across.  Communication is the first step to everything. It includes the act of speaking, listening and even reading. Before being able to speak you must learn to listen. This may sound odd but you need to learn how to listen. When someone is speaking to you, give them all of your attention. Listen to each and every word that their mouth utters. Do not interrupt them and let them complete what they have to say. You can include language fillers to ensure the speaker that you are listening. When you do all of this you will be able to understand clearly what the speaker was saying and you will also be able to respond accordingly. If you do not listen properly and keep interrupting, you may not get the point clearly and will end up misunderstanding. Thus to be a good communicator you must be a good listener. In addition to this, when it’s your turn to speak, you must speak in a very clear manner. You must use your body language as well, for example hand gestures or facial expressions as 7-0% of a conversation is based off of body language. Other than this, when you speak you must not whisper or be too loud. Choose an appropriate tone according to the situation. Similarly, do not rush through with what you have to say, use a steady pace and take breaths in-between. Try to use the language your listener is familiar with and will be able to completely understand. Do not over use jargon as it may not be fruitful in the conversation. These are the communication rules that you must comply so that you are effectively able to communicate with future employers and impress them with your communication skills.


To work in an organization, you must develop the skill of working in a team. When you work for a big corporation you are most likely to be expected to communicate and work with a panel of other people. You need to be acceptant of others people’s opinion even if you do not agree with them. You must listen to them and then in a polite manner try to explain why you think that their opinion might not be in the best interest of the company. Moreover, you must maintain a healthy relationship with other employees so that there is no bad blood between you that can tarnish your success.


Confidence can defeat all your shortcomings. If you are confident about your work and in yourself, you do not need to worry about other things. Lack of confidence acts as a chain holding you down and preventing you from reaching your full potential. You must trust in your skills and assure yourself that you can do it. Surround yourself with people that boost your confidence and not shatter it. On the other hand, do not be over confident. Confidence is great but over confidence is hazardous. Know yourself and know what your limits are. Do not commit to something that is out of your reach as it can greatly affect your career.


In order to grow in any field you need to go out of your comfort zone. You need to try new things and open new doors so that you are not just confined to one thing. You must be ready to learn as it will help you grow your career. Remember that a human spends all of his life learning new things, which is the way of life. If you are rigid and too scared to look at new options then your career growth will be stagnant and you won’t climb up the ladder but there are chances that you may have to climb down. So it is important for you to be flexible and mould yourself to fit new moulds easily.

Working Under Pressure

Any job that you do will demand you to work under pressure. You need to be prepared to do that. You cannot just run away if such a situation arises. To develop this skill, you must train yourself to do certain things with in short deadlines or do things that you normally wouldn’t do. 


A good employee is an employee who is organized. Organizational skills are very essential for you to be a good employee, they are testament to you. They show you are responsible and can handle different things without being stressed. You must have everything planned so that you are found running here and there at the very last moment. You need to do things on time and do not procrastinate. It is better if you meet your deadlines with some time to spare.

Problem Solving

Most employees are not able to be successful because they are too dependent on their superiors to make a decision. They are unable to decide on something and constantly need approval. To be a successful employee and gave a good career you must have the skills of critical thinking. You must have the confidence to take matters into your hands and come up with a plausible solution. If you are good at critical thinking you will be able to asses all aspects of your situation and according to them make your decision.

Acceptance Of Criticism

Lastly and most importantly in the beginning of your career or even after a couple of years you must be acceptant of criticism. You may meet people of all kinds, some who will like your work and appreciate it and some who will not like it and will criticize you. Remember that those who criticize you will be better. You may wonder why? Well as we said earlier you need to be flexible and when you are flexible you are open to understand different views. You must listen to the criticism you get and assess it. See if you can improve on the things being criticized and work to improve them.  This will be of great help to you as you will only improve your fall backs and come out even stronger than before.


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