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One of the biggest challenges of college life is living in a dorm room. You 'll meet some amazing & some strange people exciting experiences



One of the biggest challenges of college life is living in a dorm room with a bunch of unfamiliar people. Although you might have some previous conceptions about dorm life through movies and TV shows, the fact is it might be a crazy experience but if you can handle it smartly it can be the best time of your life. You will meet some amazing and some strange people, have exciting experiences, make new friends and have the most memorable time of your life.

The company you will get at college will define your future and will be your friends for the rest of your life, so, whether you make friends at college or your dome make sure that they help you in being a better person than you are right now.

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If you are also preparing to move to college and settling in your room dorm room, these tips will help you to have a good experience and minimize the drama surrounding these places.

Get to know your roommate before moving in

You will be living with a person you have never met in your life and chances are that he or she may be from a different part of the world you know nothing about. To avoid some unpleasant surprises and get an idea about what kind of person you are going to spend the next year of your life, contact your roommate before you shift to your college. It will help you prepare to deal with the persona and if you think that there is something completely unbearable for you, you can request the admin to shift to another room.

Get customized decoration for your room

You will be spending a lot of time in your room. Before shifting, think how you want to decorate it and get that stuff. You will also be needing some things to help you cook in the room if you are not in the mood to eat the cafeteria lunch. Buy an electric kettle for team or coffee or just have hot water for cramps, get a small microwave, a rice cooker and an iron. Talk to your roommate and you both can divide the things as it will save you space.

Do not bring unnecessary stuff

Pack very carefully for your dorm room. It will be a small room and you will be sharing it as well. Keep only the necessary stuff and avoid taking things that you can live without. You don’t have to take every piece of clothing you own as well, just have regular clothes and some formal wears for presentations etc. There might be something in your room that you love and want them to take with you, but remember that you will get so busy in work and classes that you need help from the Best Essay Writing Service and will even forget they exist. So pack only the essentials and make your life easy.

Learn to be tolerant and patient

As mentioned earlier that you will be sharing a room with a person completely unknown to you and no matter how much you get in contact with them before shifting, living with them is a different experience. You have to understand that every individual is different and will have different beliefs, ways of life and school of thought and you have to respect that. There will be a lot of things in which you might not agree with them, but you need to respect their individuality and personality at any cost.

Have a contract with your roommate

To avoid any kind of unwanted arguments, it is a good idea to have a contract with your roommate in which you can decide the cleaning or cooking turns, room temperature, timings and rules for bringing in visitors and the general rules of respecting each other’s privacy and space. 

Make yourself comfortable

You will be spending the next few years of your life in this room so make sure that it is comfortable an according to your taste. You will need a place to relax after a hectic day at college and your dorm room should offer that comfort.

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Jake is a passionate author and was the editor in chief of the college magazine for three years. He is currently looking for an opportunity in the field of journalism or advertising and fulfills her passion by writing blogs.  

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