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Stevie Harison

Jul 14, 2017


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Basically, I do agree with your idea.

First, if you want Green Line to be an environmentally friendly online shopping,

then you must ensure that all your operational activities make less emissions than 

the conventional one. It is important for branding and image of the Green Line.

Second, I know that Green Line established with a good preparation before, but

what I want to know is about its market research. Regarding your specific countries,

USA and France, are the customers there really care about environmentally friendly online shopping?

Third,  I suggest Green Line to develop a sophisticated apps that would encourage

potential customers to shop in the platform easily and trustfully.


All the best for the idea. 


Alexander Hurley

Aug 15, 2017


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Just one thought - one of your challenges will certainly be costs associated with all of the data tracking. This will likely translate into more costs for the consumers. I think you will need a very strong message on the incentives of using your site versus another site like Amazon that will be able to provide products more cheaply. 

Raquel Smith

May 11, 2019


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I use only dollar general. They have a survey called dgcustomerfirst in which I have won 100$ gift card. One can fill the survey from here and get a chance to win 100$ gift card.