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Act Climatewisely! by CitizenScienceLab

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Alexander Hurley

Aug 31, 2017


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I would take this MOOC! I think your proposal would be stronger if you included a plan for engaging new and resistant audiences though. For instance, how do you go beyond those who are curious about climate change and connect with those who actively do not accept the science, etc. 

Ralf Lippold

Sep 1, 2017


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Hi Alexander, 

Thanks a lot for pointing out this most relevant issue. It is something I have been thinking and prototyping on a local level for quite a while. 
Finding the story that catches the interest and curiosity of the audience (especially the one that is not so open) is quite challenging, bouncing between "This is of no use at all. It needs the big guys to move.", "Sounds interesting, yet climate change is not my topic.", "Good idea, what is in it for me if I participate?". 

I will take your question to heart and work with that in the coming days till the end of the proposal deadline ends.

Cheers, and thanks once again for your thoughtful comment 


Ralf Lippold

Oct 11, 2017


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Here the outcome of an assignment of the MOOC "Learning Foundations for Digital Learning Experience" by Novoed.

It is a rough idea of the process, which has to got through an iteration loop (over and over again).

At the moment it seems that big problems of our world need big solutions, and it sounds counterintuitive that such 'grassroots' proposals engaging civil society, business and politics make a difference. 

Dayna Cunningham, Director of the MIT Climate CoLab, just stated something similar in her appearance at the u.lab Office Hours yesterday.

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