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Alexander Hurley

Aug 16, 2017


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Really cool ideas here! I am growing convinced that narrative is the next key to advancing awareness and connection with the climate crisis around us, so seeing a proposal like this has me excited. You are thorough in your approach and seem to have a strong grasp of what you want and how you would like to proceed. 

I do wonder whether about the accessibility of such a project though. Is there perhaps a way to make climate narrative creation more inclusive to people who do not have access to video making skills and equipment? Could there be a more explicit "Ideas" section of this project where, say, the average high school teenager could be recognized and rewarded for a great idea, even though they do not have the means to make it to video-production? Certainly, I want to see good ideas spread, and big-time video is a great way to do it. I suppose I just hope to intentionally include the little guy and gal along the way.