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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Very interesting and fun idea but I'm not convinced that changing the endings of popular movies would result in actual impact or behavior change -- but it would provide for some entertainment. I'm also not sure how many movie ending would be relevant to renewable energy and climate change -- I'm having a hard time imagining what movies you could use that renewable energy technologies would have a huge impact on changing the end of the movie. Some examples would have helped with understanding this concept for me. The budget remains an obstacle to implementation, but the campaign could spark creativity among students in particular. Also, the budget numbers are a range but no details for what that money would be spent on is provided. And I'm not sure how feasible getting permissions to change movie endings would be from a copyright and licensing standpoint, and that was not addressed in the proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

The Alternative Endings contest is a fun way to involve individuals in creative thinking around climate and energy narratives. While the proposed budget seems high, the project has the potential to capture the attention of creative writing or film studies students and could increase awareness of the issue.

This interesting proposal could be strengthened by an exploration of intended audience/contestant pool and in particular by saying how the contest could reach beyond the intersection of two quite particular demographics--those already very confident about climate science and true cinephiles. Alternatively (or in addition) a marketing strategy to popularize the contest could be sketched.

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Cecilia Ciepiela-kaelin

Nov 5, 2017


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Thank you for your comments and inputs to help me improve the concept. In response, I have revised the proposal to incorporate more detail and to specifically address the issue of audiences and marketing for the contest and for the resulting entertainment products. 

Summary: I clarified that the ideas are the focus of competition, not the production value, and that submission formats can range from hand drawn storyboards to scripts to videos, in other words, any format that conveys the altered narrative and outcome. The best ideas will be awarded with the opportunity to produce them.

Actions: This section is significantly expanded to include more implementation details and issues to be addressed, again, distinguishing between the contestant audience and the entertainment audience and the respective marketing strategies. We propose to implement a "natural marketing" strategy that leverages the social media, professional and industry networks of the project partners, judges, sponsors, and participants. This section also provides more details about the structure of the contest and the contest platform. 

Who: I expanded the presentation of the project partners to specify the roles and value added of each, including their roles in marketing. 

Costs/Challenges: I changed the costs estimate to present a range instead of a estimated total or max (which was based on initial costing). This is because we anticipate securing sponsorships, finding economies in design and implementation, and savings by relying upon a natural marketing strategy.

About the Author: Revised the text to address the specific instructions (e.g., county of resident, originator of concept)

Related Proposals: Added related proposals

References: Added two additional references from the work of Daniel Kahneman and George Lowenstein