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Anastasia Kouki

Nov 5, 2017


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Hello, first of all I would like to say that this is a very well structured proposal, with a lot of numerical analysis. Though, thinking about it, honestly, I have to say that I found two issues about it: 1) what happens if you can secure any investor or customer willing enough to pay the 20.000 you mentioned and 2) and most important, how much indeed it will change the human behaviour. I mean in order to build the MOSSpod despite its environmental friendly construction still, will consume natural resources, while I can see how successful will be in reducing carbon emissions. How can you measure for sure how much people use trains, public means of transport etc. due to MOSSpod or for other reasons? What happens if an illegal action happens inside of it, especially on the covered one? How can it be protected from vandalizing? It is a very good proposal, but I can't really see how it is going to deliver the message we examine here.