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Anastasia Kouki

Nov 5, 2017


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Hahaha, that is a joyful project, that with a small investment budget can produce a serious impact that can be build to greater effects. Is one of the value for money projects I have heard: with a small toothpaste, you can generate direct and multiple effects. I really like and the explaining card. The idea that targets especially (and not only of course)  children, the future citizens and consumers make it even more worthy to be supported. Wish you the best in your effort. 

Madison Hathaway

Dec 12, 2017


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When I tabled for Climate Toothpaste and the Put A Price on It Campaign at the Portland State University’s Annual Sustainability Celebration I got so much attention! There were many attendees who work in the Portland metro area and they were very impressed with how clever the Climate Toothpaste boxes were. One of my professor’s stopped by the table and was very happy to hear that she could take one back to her office with her. I went to visit her a few months later and found it hung up outside her office. Climate Toothpaste makes a lasting impression and is a great conversation starter. When Our Climate, the Put A Price On It Campaign, and Climate Toothpaste are tabled together amazing things happen. Once I caught the eye of event attendees I was able to talk to them about Oregon’s Clean Energy Jobs Bill and get petition signatures and volunteer sign-ups. I can’t wait to table for Climate Toothpaste again! 

Pia Jensen

Dec 12, 2017


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That all sounds like great fun and local achievement, but having lived in and visited other countries, I have to wonder how this proposed practice will "make it" as a global "trend" to help the world. Export/Import trade policies & laws, considered.