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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

I like the novelty of this practice. It is designed a scale that could be achievable, and could lead to fresh innovation in the space of public engagement. It is a fun idea that could have traction with the right audiences. However we are concerned about how scalable it would be. I see that in the proposal the author has examples of groups using Climate Toothpaste in their work. Using it to promote other groups and encourage people to get more active is notable, but it seems that most climate groups are doing their own marketing to recruit activists and supporters and I'm not sure how using Climate Toothpaste would enhance other groups marketing activities.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

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Judges'' comments

The author is simply irresistible, and I suspect her idea may be as well. However, this is borderline. It will depend very much on uptake from high-profile activists, politicians, or other celebrities. I am not sure her expenses are realistic. She may need to bootstrap this and rely on talented friend to help her with publicity, etc.

This is fascinating, highly creative and fresh, and veers away from being silly--after creating suspense on that point--to present an unexpected, disarming, and amusing approach to engagement. I would argue for more emphasis on civic action, taking space away from consumer and personal choices, and I would urge the inclusion of more groups, including climate justice organizations. What a great tool, and an idea that can spark others. Bravo.

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Heidi Cody

Nov 1, 2017


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I have made minor changes throughout this proposal, including new photo captions. 

Major changes were made in "Proposed Actions." Since my first submission, I have started providing Climate Toothpaste to candidates who are running on climate. I also have my first class lecture scheduled for Portland State University on 11/7. 

Major changes are also in "Impacts." I have screen shots of a proposed new Activist Activist letter for MA, which underwent a major revision. A full spectrum of climate groups are now represented, including environmental justice, and I gave less space to consumer choices. I will mail in hard copies of that much-improved letter. You can also view it or download it here.

Finally, I reworked my budget. After talking with a friend who might help me, I have a realistic sense of what online marketing strategy will cost for a year. I eliminated hiring someone to do outreach. In all likelihood I will do that. I also added expenditures to create some visual oomph for Our Climate/Climate Toothpaste on-campus tabling opportunities. It won't cost much. If I'm going to document that, I'd love to make those moments shine.

Thank you for your consideration.


Heidi Cody