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State-of-the-art gearbox apparatus eliminates to use motor acceleration system when it is installed to existing machine propulsion



This proposal is modernization or renewal of existing machines propulsion to non-accelerated propulsion by installation of above 1,000 shift gearbox apparatus (GA) designs is created by state-of-the-art technologies. It reduces if not eliminates to use existing motor interior acceleration system. It will be free for consumer of existing machine after certain period of using it by cutting excessive gas or electromagnet field amount is above 50% of motor volume.  Plus it improves driving safety and roads city traffics. Brand new business temporary opens huge number of high-paid jobs for economy growing that is profitably for all businesses. It is service will be up to production of accelerated propulsion.

One design with formula according to chosen speeds number includes original combination of independent shafts and well-known gears pairs with definite gear ratios. One includes:       

1.            Each independent shaft supports at least two gearsets that have shifting mechanism.

2.            Dramatically fewer number of gearsets with the defined gear ratios

                a)            Selected from a faltering geometric sequence and

                b)            Arranged to provide freedom of sufficient number of reducing (torques) and increasing (overdrive) speeds creation to at least one output shaft for satisfactorily operating a vehicle.

As result, each design has least number of gears in the world. Unique technologies unbelievably create designs so that number of gears goes down when number of speeds goes up in comparison.  For example, the gearbox apparatus of said formula 144=2x2x2x2x3x3 increases/reduces heavy-duty truck wheels up to 144 forward and 72 reverse speeds by 26 gears/7 shafts that takes only 2%x6=12% of energy. It has 2 gears less in comparison to present heavy-duty truck shift gearbox design of 18 forward and 2 reverse only reduced speeds. Simplification of shifting mechanism for each shaft provides easy to create full automatic system.

Is this proposal for a practice or a project?


What actions do you propose?

The universal machine tool non-accelerated propulsion design is the best practice of using during above 150 years. This concept prohibits to add unknown excessive energy amount to motor physical volume for reducing motor shaft standard highest torque and increasing its shaft standard-idle speed in the process of work.

However, main disadvantage is existing technology creates shift gearbox design with too many gears and shafts. As result, too complex shifting mechanism prevents full automatization of shifting gear pairs. Therefore small business cannot affordable cost of energy consumption and price of the CNC machine tool with only too expensive huge programmed motor with acceleration system as propulsion.

Other practice of non-accelerated propulsion design using was at the first world’s land vehicle. The first car inventor Mr. Carl Benz have developed concept of the universal machine tool non-accelerated propulsion design for one speed in Germany at 1886 (GR Pat. No. 37435). Most important is the land friction force have pushed the first world’s car with the power-to-weight ratio equal 1714 (779 in kg) from stop. (see It is fit today.

This experience had proved the non-accelerated propulsion design has best driving safety on road. It has shortest times of stopping and reaching needed speed by pushing and realizing only brake pedal. These times are not dependent to motor size. There is best practice too.

However main disadvantage of first world’s vehicle was one highest speed. Other lower speeds was provided by wheels brake pads.

Therefore, US vehicle manufactures ignored this experience. They chose easy way is to add an unknown excessive gas or electromagnet field amount to motor. It is up to 80% of motor physical volume by said acceleration system included pedal is installed nearby brake pedal. This dangerous way is to drive vehicle by both pedals of opposite functions at above 100 years ago.

Chosen steam turbine concept also ignores that acceleration system adds excessive energy that has three disadvantages: 1) too slowly increases motor shaft standard-idle speed and accelerates vehicle weight, 2) motor shaft has reduced highest standard torque when it has increased shaft standard-idle speed, 3) requests additional parasite energy consumption of motor when transmission torque reduces vehicle speed when acceleration system increases it in the same time.

They requested to use excessive motor size or torque that eliminates to use additional transmission torque according to the land friction force that only pushes vehicle.

Other dangerous disadvantage is too long time of wheels stopping because brake pads overcome the highest permanent torque of idling wheels speed. Why? Realization of accelerated pedal is shut down to add excessive energy to motor. Motor has standard-idle speed or its highest torque that turn wheels in the process of their stopping. Other words, lower torque of wheels moving speed is increased up to highest torque of idling wheel speed at each stop.

For example, vehicle wheels have 60 m/h moving speed is dropped to 2 m/h of idling wheels speed is provided by the motor shaft standard highest torque. Therefore the brake friction pad must overcome increased wheels torque in 60/2=30 times. It requests too long time of vehicle stopping.

Therefore, dangerous design of accelerated propulsion is installation of more increased size of motor provides longer time of wheels stopping but shorter time of vehicle acceleration.

Maybe it was technical progress at horse riding period? Why vehicle manufactures continue to use accelerated propulsion when earth has above one billion of vehicles today? Sum of too long time of wheels stopping and acceleration from stop of each vehicle from group creates said road city traffic. It requests investing huge money for increasing new roads number and making wider of city narrow roads. In addition, change in the worth of city roads traffics is increasing of death statistic in each year.

Maybe self-driving vehicle design with accelerated propulsion improves condition on roads? No, it is not. AAA found in a survey that 78% of drivers feel afraid to ride in a self-driving car and only 10% would actually feel safer. Do you trust to devices more than your brain in the reaction on road?

Human has the best practice is to use the vehicle manual shift gearbox. Pair of gears uses only 2% energy. It has nothing competitors among other mechanical system designs in the world. At lightweight vehicle, shift gearbox saves energy of motor by one-two increased (overdrive) speeds are turned on by manually. Other reduced speeds (torques) struggles with motor acceleration system for wasting excessive motor energy. The heavy-duty truck shift gearbox never produces increased (overdrive) speed. However, present concept creates shift gearbox design with excessive number of gears because too complex shifting mechanism design prevents a full automatic system.

 Few years ago, ZF Transmission Company (Germany) create the 9-speeds automatic planetary transmission that saves energy by four overdrive speeds and shifting mechanism is automatized.  It has reduced costs increasing 50% of speeds number without additional parts in comparison to 6-speeds transmission. However this design is too complex and too expensive. There are 12 satellite gears, 4 carriers, 4 sun gears, 2 shafts, 4 gears with interior teeth. Chrysler-Fiat introduced it in car accelerated propulsion. It eliminates about 44% of excessive energy. But four simple planetary gearboxes use about 30% of energy and big gear with interior teeth limits number of speeds and gear ratios. First world’s progress consumer is 44%-30%=14% of energy economy.  It is not sufficient efficiency for manufacture and consumer. 

The torque convertor automatic and continuous variable transmissions designs save never motor energy. They as second brake for motor shaft and wheels speeds when vehicle goes downhill.

At 2016, the global oil consumption is above 35 billion barrels of a year. The practice has shown, this dangerous way for creation of global suicide. For example, Earth will lose atmosphere when it will lose 10% of weight. It was calculated by scientists. Alternately, environment /underground imbalances will destroy before human’s dirty economy or maybe life on planet.

May be electrification of vehicle accelerated propulsion improves the earth atmosphere condition for life? No, it is not. It is powered by most number of fossil fuel - burned power plants that create more emissions than existing gas-combustion motor.

Maybe manufactures of electric vehicles accelerated powertrain limited to use acceleration system by using shift gearbox that produces most number of overdrive speeds. No, they are not. The lightweight electric vehicle propulsion uses only too huge motor and battery sizes like child toy-vehicle design. The heavy-duty truck electric propulsion has battery size equal about 2,000 lb. that provides energy for only 120 miles between two charges. Do you want will buy it for business outside of state?

 Other words, they cut number of high-paid jobs or buyers of their vehicles. There American dream is many money are power. Practice has proved many times, the knowledge is power. For example, today US has above 20 trillion of debt.  It is not successful country businesses are basic on poor logic of education.

What is alternative cheapest way that protects and improves global economy and life on Earth?

Archimedes (circa 287-212) opened more than two thousand years ago: “Give me a point of support and I will turn around the Earth by a lever”. Maybe he was not relevant when he did not see gear pair?

The world’s ingenious invention as is shift gearbox design have proved much later. For example, the machine shift gearbox of 7 shafts capability to cut motor size or torque magnitude in the 5x5x5x5x5x5=15,625 times (5 is gear ratio)!! It consumes only 2%x6=12% of energy.

Maybe Mr. Carl Benz was not relevant in design calculation when he did not know the land friction rolling coefficient? Let we calculate a non-accelerated powertrain motor size of heavy-duty truck with most US legally load on road with the friction rolling coefficient is 0.014 from 0.007-0.014 (Wikipedia ttps:// ).

It goes to uphill of 100 and weight is increased 60,000 x sin 10=10,419 is 70,419 lbs. It has the wheel diameter is 3.28 feet (1m), the motor shaft has 800 r/min standard-idle speed. The land friction force of road provides minimum torque 70,419 x0.014x 0.5 x 3.28 =1617 ft-lb that turns two driving wheels from stop. The output torque has 1617/5= 323.4 ft-lb of shaft-pinion that joined with the fly wheel with differential that has diameter in 5 times more. Therefore least torque and power 800x 323.4/5252=49.3 HP of motor that directly connected. We chose total motor size of 60HP is increased on 22% for air resistant, cab interior comfort etc. losses of power.

Therefore heavy duty truck the power-to-weight ratio equal 70,419 /60=1,174.  Mr. Carl Benz was right when he used the power-to-weight ratio equal 1714 because the land friction rolling coefficient 0.014 x x1174/1714=0.0096.  It is fit to 0.007-0.014 that are proved by scientists today.   

However it has only the direct wheels speed V = 800/5 x 60 x 0.001 x 3.14 = 30,144 KM/H = 18.7 Miles/H from stop by realizing brake pedal. Therefore necessary to choose shift gearbox.

Today state-of-the-art concept creates above 1, 000 designs of said multi-speed shift gearbox apparatuses. One has least numbers of gears and maybe shafts in the world. It is unique technologies provide designs that: 1) increasing number of speeds is reducing number of gears in comparison to existing method, 2) get number of reverse speeds up to haft of forward speeds number without additional number of gears, 3) open opportunity temporary to use front on uphill and rear on downhill or both wheels ay outside of road, 4) provide to get many additional functions in the same time of movement by independent shafts, 5) provide easy automatization of shifting mechanism because it has  simpler design, 6) reduce if not eliminate to use excessive energy acceleration system is shortest time of wheels stopping and reaching moving speed after stop by pushing and realization of brake pedal, 7) open opportunity to create original super vehicle designs that have maneuverability and functions that were never before by usingcompound gearbox apparatus designs,.

We choose a gearbox apparatus with automatic shifting mechanism that produces 64=2x2x2x2x2x2 forward and 32 reverse speeds by 7 shafts and 26 gears.  The wheels have minimum 7.7 KM/H (4.6 m/h) and maximum 167 KM/H (100 m/h) forward speeds.

Plus heavy-duty truck motor has permanent low temperature in the process of movement because shaft has only standard-idle speed. Other words, it never creates gas NOx is killer of life and gets never motor overheat that requests stop for cooling in the hot summer. Driver never loses control of driving on downhill. It uses smaller battery than any lightweight vehicle with accelerated propulsion.

Do you know motors power of refrigerator, vacuum, fan, wash, dry machines, mover etc. of home and garden equipment? No, there are not. We have interest to know result of work. May be knowledge of vehicle motor power and shaft torques help to overcome resistant of roads by wheels? No it is not. The wheels do not directly joined to motor that installed before differential, pair of gears or transmission, Plus wheels has different diameters.

Technical characteristics of land vehicle non-accelerated propulsion has focus to only wheels torques and speeds according to the different conditions of roads. It is important way for additional improvement of consumers driving safety on road. The motor power and transmission characteristics will be available for only special repair organization.

Who will take these actions?

US Government as are Departments of Energy with National Laboratories, Environment, Transportation, Defense, Labor, Education, State; manufactures of vehicles based on land, water, air, heavy-duty equipment, machine tools, motor/transmission manufactures, Universities, Associations of Electric Vehicle, American Automobiles Association, American Motors etc. Union of Concerned Scientists, oil/gas companies and/or individuals will be leading these actions that will change the world.

The role they will play:

Departments of Energy, Transportation, Defense, Environment, Labor, State etc. will open Departments of gear-transmission in the National Laboratories that will organize like an said Intellectual National Center. It research and development of above 1,000 shift gearbox apparatus designs for motorized machines as vehicles based on land, water, air, heavy-duty equipment, etc. There are goals as improvement of driving safety, maneuverability, energy consumption, to add new functions and creation of automatic shifting mechanisms.

 As result will be new policies, changes in economic incentives, or a shift of behavioral norms of super motorized machines in the world.

Group of existing transmission manufactures will found additional branch or brand new business-service for consumers of existing machines as are vehicles based on land, water, air, heavy-duty equipment, machine tools etc. Consumers will be main investors. They have interest to return back money during certain period by saving above 50% energy. Plus they get fun of renewal machine propulsion in use. Main action is installation of GA at existing heavy-duty truck. For example, driver of the long haul tracking saves above $25,000 per year when it will have $1.50 per fuel gallon economy. For example Eaton will open GA production for modernizing existing heavy-duty trucks of Navistar International Co. It continues to produce present shift gearbox of accelerated propulsion up to time when profitably to stop its production. This time of sufficient production experience with consumers of existing heavy-duty trucks and sufficient research of said National Intellectual Center of Government.

Therefore this way provides shorter time of replacing existing accelerated propulsion production with least losses if nothing of money in future.  There will be opens huge number of high-paid jobs in the certain period. There is condition of increasing number of motorized machines is basic of economy development.

The oil/gas companies will be main investors among other companies. Too low education and nothing technical level of human in the past provide to choose dangerous way is to reduce weight of earth and to destroy balances of atmosphere and underground for global suicide. Plus practice have shown it is super risky business that has most number of losses of money because it has huge number of dependences to conditions of other businesses, social, economy, earth imbalance and human mistakes.

Where will these actions be taken?

Briefly describe the target market(s) for the technology, differentiating between initial target market(s) and potential future attainable market(s). Understanding that the technology and market development is still ongoing, where possible, include projections on:

  • Total Addressable Market - total potential market for a product or service, measured in unit sales and dollars of revenue per year if one could command 100% of the market without competition
  • Target Market - anticipated actual market size based on segmentation and competitive pressures in unit sales and dollars of revenue per year.

% Market Share - Target Market divided by Total Addressable Market

These actions will be taken in factories across America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. There is proposal for each country that has machines with accelerated propulsion. Best action will occur where need to develop green economy that keeps the environment, social peace, people health, reduces number of conflicts for energy, reduces earth environment and underground number of disasters etc.

Increased people population on planet in 3.5 times requests changing mind to keep horse-riding period concept of accelerated propulsion that had main goal is to cut number of employees. There is worldwide proposal will open huge number of high-paid jobs in the certain period when existing manufactures will be profitable to stop production of accelerated propulsion. In addition, modernization of existing vehicles also improves driving safety and roads city traffics that saves huge investment for increasing number of roads, will make wider of existing roads and improving death statistic on roads.This is interest of each country.

In addition, specify the country or countries where these actions will be taken.

United States

Country 2


Country 3


Country 4


Country 5



What impact will these actions have on greenhouse gas emissions and/or adapting to climate change?

Today is above 1.2 billion of global vehicles with accelerated propulsions. Let we calculate how many emissions will be eliminated if all vehicles propulsions are modernized to non-accelerated powertrains.

Revolutionary technology of non-accelerated propulsions is for all existing and new motorized machines. It reduces their energy consumptions and emissions in minimum 2 times.

Unleaded gasoline has 8.91 kg and diesel has 10.15 kg of CO2 per gallon.

The vehicle (cars, minivans, pick-ups, vans and SUVs) uses 25.5 average miles per gallon on 12,000 mile average per year. On gallon emits 8.91 average pounds of CO2. Therefore each vehicle emits 12,000 /25.5x 8.91 = 6,018,675 kg of CO2 per year. Existing 1.2 billion global vehicles with renewal non-accelerated powertrains can cut 6,018,675 x 1.2/2=3,611,205 billion kg of CO2 per year. There is 3,611,205/365 =9,894= about 10 billion kg per day or 10 million ton per day.

It is known calculation that disclosed emissions of heavy-duty truck accelerated powertrain equal to emissions of 13 lightweight vehicles (cars). Today earth has above 500,000 heavy-duty truck. Therefore, above 13/2x 500, 000= 3,250,000 cars with emissions will be eliminated from roads in the global. Other words, earth has 3,250,000 x 6,018,675 kg /2=9,780,347,000 kg or about 10 million ton per year will be less if 500,000 heavy-duty truck will be renewal to non-accelerated propulsion.

What are other key benefits?

For prove, necessary to make transformed non-accelerated model propulsion for each model of existing vehicle. The industry specific certifications(s) of patented technology are nothing because it uses the same existing production items. The provincial or federal permits are available because it will provide fewer collisions at road traffics by using non-accelerated and self-driving propulsion is driven by computer. This technology opens new page of human’s industry to protect Environment from unnecessarily excessive directly or indirectly emissions according to Creator’s Physics laws of Lever and Inertia. It will stop climate changing and protect people’s health and life on the earth with interest the existing motorized machine manufactures and their consumers too.  

There is worldwide proposal will open huge number of high-paid jobs in a certain period when existing manufactures will be profitable to stop production of accelerated propulsion. Increased people population on planet in 3.5 times requests changing mind to keep the horse-riding period concept of accelerated propulsion that had main goal of cutting number of employees with nothing education at above 100 years ago. This time when was nothing logic that development of motorized machine business is dependent to number of high-paid jobs in country. Improvement of driving safety and roads city traffics are way of saving huge investment for increasing number of roads, making wider of existing roads and reducing death statistic on roads.

Revolutionary technology of non-accelerated propulsions is for all existing and new motorized machines because it requests the same machine tools, equipment etc. at the existing manufacture. Simplification of shifting mechanism open opportunity to get automatic changing speeds.

Next key of benefits is designs creation of said super vehicles, heavy-duty equipment, and machine tools etc. with least weight in the world that improve life on Earth. They reduce if not eliminate noise and have improvement maneuverability so that they will be  independent to any bad condition of road outside, save energy on uphill, downhill and will move ahead and back without turn around and etc.

A non-accelerated propulsion is best for safety of autonomous or self-driving vehicle that will never be improved accelerated propulsion by devices on stop and acceleration.

It also will reduce number of super storms as was Sandy in USA at 2012 by reducing number of  emitting pollutants associated with asthma, neurological damage, heart attacks, cancer and  reducing global warming.,


What are the proposal’s projected costs?

A state-of-the-art gearbox apparatus design has less cost than existing shift gearbox because it has less numbers of gears and maybe shafts. Simpler shifting mechanism has easy make full automatization that has cheapest cost because it is differential direction by computer. Cost dependent to size of gearbox apparatus and kind of existing vehicle are chosen. Each gearbox apparatus design does not have negative side effects, and/or challenges of implementing the proposed actions. Gearbox apparatus design has known gears pairs with definite gear ratios and shafts in the original combination. All parts are produced by machine tools, equipment, technologies etc. are the same at are gear-transmission manufacture. Other words, each design does not have unknown part that will request additional original machine tool, equipment and other.

There is about general calculation of 12 speeds gearbox apparatus-prototype for heavy-duty truck:

Milestones                                                   Time (End of)                    Costs

Kickoff Meeting                                            1 week                              2,300

Kickoff Meeting with Subcontractors        5 weeks                        5,200

Preliminary Design                                         18 weeks                   37,900

Fabrication of Prototypes I and II                  12 weeks                      26,400

Testing of Prototypes I and II                         12 weeks                        28,000

Total                                                                   48 weeks                      99,800

Revolutionary technology does not have other negative side effects.


The proposal’s impact in the short-term (1-15 years). It is dependent Automobile Transmission Manufacturing global industry. For example, US Eaton (shift gear-transmission manufacture) is first made actions to keep environment for good life on Earth.

About the author(s)

My name is Vladimir Abramov. I began my working career in the Mega-giant transmission manufacture in Russia as an operator of machines (drilled, miller, lathe etc), mechanic of machines. Then I became to work a design engineer, manager of engineering, president assistant of the plant reconstruction. In later, I founded own successful business in Moscow during 5 years.

I am MS in Mechanical Engineering. I am a graduate of the Polytechnic University of Moscow. I have extensive experience in both the practical and theoretical aspects of shift gearbox designs and manufacture over 15 years. I have designed and built transmissions used in many industrial and agricultural applications. One gearbox design got highest evaluation by All-Union Machine- Building Institute of Moscow    (I have Conclusion)

Then I moved in USA at 1993. I have founded TransUNImission, Inc. for developing method of gearbox designs for all machines that necessary to change gears. It has US patents 7,191,676 at 03/20/2007 and 8,011,274 at 09/06/2011. There are above 1,000 shift gearbox apparatus designs that reduce if not eliminate existing motor acceleration system or to cut excessive energy up to 80% of motor volume. One uses only shaft highest torque of existing motor in the movement process. It opens opportunity to use most number of overdrive-increased speeds with existing motor size. It also improves driving safety and reduces roads city traffics that saves huge investment for increasing number of roads and their wide.

Our company has plans to create the relationship with any companies, National laboratories, university etc. that have interest to continue to research and to development, integration, and/or commercialization of the proposed technologies beyond the proposed effort by reducing manufacturing costs, saving energy, improvement of driving safety and reducing roads city traffics.

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Patent 8,011,274 Two USA patents 8,011,274 at 09/06/2011 and 7,191,676 at 03/20/2007 disclose above 1,000 state-of-the-arts gearbox apparatuses with forced energy economy system

This innovation of TransUNImission, Inc., Burnsville is finalist at Clean-tech and Energy of 2012 Minnesota’s TEKNE AWARDS (see an article which appeared in 2012 Minnesota’s TEKNE AWARDS magazine on Google)