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RecyApp by RecyApp, making comunnity.

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Stiven Rojas

May 6, 2018


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I hope all is well....according with the comments of judge 1, we say that: The   street recyclers will adopt the App and  have the technology needed to support it. In this video we show this:

And in this video  we shows the way to link the street recyclers with SME’s and citizens :

According, with the comments of judge 2, we say that:

  • In Bogota, daily 1.200 tons waste is diverted from landfill (19% of all daily waste) by more of 12.999 recyclers)
  • In Medellin, daily 390 tons waste is diverted from landfill (29% of all daily waste) by more of 3.680 recyclers)
  • In Cali, daily 390 tons waste is diverted from landfill (17% of all daily waste) by more of 2574recyclers)

And the association of street recyclers hope  that the the waste handle  increased in 50% using RecyApp.

Of another hand,RecyApp involved Bogotá city through of  spaces to the citizenship as in distrital news (see City TV: in, Advertising in some universities (see and in social networks (continue in: ).

In the following image we explain the current process and the process with RecyApp ( the route of the waste collected):

Another hand, in this video we shows the way to link recyclers with businesses who could buy these ressources :

So, all comments of the judge are solution. If you need more information, are ready to  help you.




RecyApp team.

Gustavo Enrique Suarez

Jun 6, 2018


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Buenas tardes,

Me parece interesante la propuesta y el material audiovisual es de gran interés para quienes no conocemos el idioma inglés. Deseo conocer un poco más del trabajo que se ha realizado con las asociaciones ya que de este grupo depende mucho el alcance de los objetivos. Feliz día.

Maria Belen Velazquez

Jun 6, 2018


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Pienso que RecyApp es una propuesta que se podría implementar no sólo en Bogotá sino en todos los lugares del mundo preocupados por el medio ambiente en el área del reciclaje. Podría implementarse incluso en varios pueblos como el mío donde separar residuos y generamos donaciones. Gracias.

William Riley

Jul 25, 2019


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Best piece of content on RecyApp which is an App that permit connect enterprise, relations with recyclers to make recycle process because it is provide opportunities that more of the 80% of Colombian people show concern about waste separation.



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Florah Williams

Mar 5, 2020


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