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Social enterprise which recycles materials to build solar water heaters, mainly for showers and publishes improved ways to manufacture them.


Summary / Résumé

  1. The social enterprise manufactures solar water heaters with plastic waste: soft soda bottles, insulation materials, are recycled materials.
  2. These solar water heaters are targeted to poor neighbourhoods /slums.
  3. 1000.000.000 people live today in slums ["In our world, one in eight people live in slums. In total, around a billion people live in slum conditions today." Slum Almanac 2015-2016]
  4. Solar water heater designs and plans are freely available online,
  5. The manufacturing / assembly method periodically revised by industrial engieeners in order to achieve the highest possible production outputs.

Using recycled materials, develop solar water heaters for poor neighborhoods.

What actions do you propose? / Quelles actions proposez-vous?

Which types of stakeholders are involved, in which way? / Quels types de parties prenantes sont impliqués, de quelle façon?

Slum’s Community:  

“Sumando Energías” Organization:

Waste distributor: 

How could the actions be scaled up at the neighborhood or city level? / Comment serait-il possible d'augmenter la portée des actions à l'échelle des quartiers ou de la ville?

What impact will these actions have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to climate change? / Quels impacts auront ces actions sur la réduction des émissions de gaz à effet de serre et l'adaptation aux changements climatiques?

Lower emissions because of reutilization of plastics and other materials.

What are the other environmental, economic or social benefits? / Quels sont les autres bénéfices environnementaux, économiques et sociaux?

What are the most innovative aspects and main strengths of this approach? / Quels sont les aspects novateurs et les principales forces de cette approche?

What are the proposal’s projected costs? / Quels sont les coûts projetés de la proposition?

What are the potential challenges or obstacles? / Quels sont les défis ou les obstacles potentiels?

About the authors / À propos des auteur(e)s

References / Références