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In the Shade by CarPark

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Shade structures support Solar Panels and provide EV charging for investors.



Financing is needed to help make the transition to Clean Energy. This idea takes many drivers in the direction of shifting from fossil fuels in a way that also provides them with the convenience of shady parking and a high potential for profit.

Using Crowdfunding in local markets, a Site is selected, a business plan is developed and investors are sought. The Key to our strategy is that you have ownership worldwide at any 'Carpark' built under the program. New slots are built as funding is acquired and old slot ownership appreciates as the demand increases. Probably Private but Cities could participate under some kind of Public Private Partnership (PPP).


How do you know that your solution is desirable to SMEs, and will reduce GHG emissions?

We are banking on the fact that many people would like to have an Electric Vehicle, especially if they could Charge it in the shade. 


What actions do you propose?

Set up a business plan to acquire sites, develope CarPark lots and sell to individuals.

A Corporation could be established with IPO launch.

Who will take these actions?

See above.

Where will these actions be taken?

Start in areas that have the most EVs. Work with EV manufacturers to promote sales in the US then take the operation Global.

What are the proposal’s projected costs?

Initial Business Plan        50K

Corporation formation   10K

Promo and Sales             40K

Initial Stock Offering        ???

                    Total            100K +IPO


(Solar system and construction cost plus land acquistion  =  5-10K per slot.


Once the solution is built and implemented describe a path forward for it to scale to other users/companies.

This program could accelerate automotive industry's movement into the Electric Vehicles. As they become more in demand and accessible a worldwide Carpark system could become the norm.

Logistics of finding a CarPark space near your destination has not yet been derived. Preexisting parking would still obviously be available. It is conceived that the demand will jettison many new solutions for more of this shared convenience.  

How will your solution lead to change on a larger scale over time (i.e. 3 to 5 years out)? How many businesses can potentially be affected by your solution?

See above

Everyone will be rewarded via the convenience of cool parking and an EV that is ready to go.

Existing gas stations will be in high demand for conversion to reuse and the environment may be Saved.

Virtually everyone is a participant. Mental Health organizations could be encouraged to calculate those net benefits.

What business and funding model have you considered for your solution to become sustainable?

See above.

People like to invest in things they use...that work.


What impact will the proposed actions have on reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Auto emissions are a huge contributor to Greenhouse Gases. At full-scale they would be eliminated.

CarPark Solar systems would likely have the benefit of excess generation of clean energy...more than is needed for cars.


What are other key benefits?

See above

About the Authors

I am William Freimuth an award-winning architect licensed to practice in New Mexico, USA.

My Firm (WFA) could carry-out the management of the initial Program development and execution.

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