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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Tapping into the senior reservoirs of knowledge is a great idea that will benefits both seniors by keeping them productive and active in their field of expertise and SMEs by benefiting from this reservoir of knowledge and expertise. Many SMEs need advisors for consultation but can't afford them. Although the actual idea is novel, the proposal is lacking a strategy to convince 50,000 SME to participate. What subjects/categories will the think tank cover to be beneficial to such a large population of SME? What is the strategy to attract the knowledgeable seniors to join the think tank?

Good idea to have a consultancy of retired experts helping with greening SMEs. Some similarities to Endeavour. Market research? Who would want to participate as an expert? What do SMEs think of this? etc Proposal talks a lot about setting up an NFP but not about the delivery of the services Writer should have had someone assist with editing the text to clean up the English.

While I like the idea of leveraging the knowledge and experience of seniors or "matured professionals", I am very unsure this would to more or better adoption of GHG reduction technologies or practices by SMEs.

It is unclear what the challenge is in this proposal and how senior citizens relate to SMEs. It does not set out any specific goals. It is not based on social science based models of knowledge diffusion or social change. Additionally, in the way this is to be implemented (make a group of senior citizen experts to give advice), it could be argued that bringing together former experts is no different than think tanks that currently exist and may exacerbate the problem and not bring about novel solutions due to path dependencies of thinking and vested interests that are documented in the social science research.

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