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Crista Renner

Jul 23, 2018


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A project that acknowledges the importance of customer signups for increased data integrity, yet only $5K of the budget is designated as a marketing expense. The "go-to" market strategy is unclear and the impact, as expressed, appears limited based on the investment.

Caroline Scossi

Aug 3, 2018


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Dear Ms. Crista Renner, 

First of all, I would like to thank you for your feedback.

Excellent question about our marketing investment proposal, I understand your point of view, however, we have stipulated this investment of approximately $ 5K because we believe that is enough for this phase of project implementation. I can explain why: our strategy is to create a solid foundation for our first club members, speaking of hardware installation.

Our focus is on the installation of photovoltaic plants in a free investment for the SMEs business model. In this first phase is really important to provide great and free infrastructure, so that these first companies give us the credibility that we need to sell the idea massively. We also believe that from the moment we have the first SME's running the pilot, news of a program that provides installation of a totally free investment photovoltaic plant will begin to organically spread. It is important to notice that this $5K budget is based on the implementation phase, where our focus will still not be on marketing but on validation processes and project facilities. With the income and validation of the first users we will begin the stage of scaling the project, then our investments in marketing will be certainly more ostensive.