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Meredith Adler

Jul 23, 2018


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Overall, it is a great idea to empower SME's to take action on energy efficiency by utilizing a web-based tool. One area where I believe this proposal could use a bit more thought is in the distribution and utilization of the tool. One thing that is a very limited resource at most SMEs is employee time. In depending on this being built into someone's job description, you are actually depending on quite the investment from the company. Securing this investment may depend on up-front buy into the tool, or other programs to enhance its use. This could be something like a co-mentor program where you can talk to a similar SME about their experience with the tool, or showing up at industry conferences to give people a virtual tour of how the tool can assist them and show estimated cost savings. While the tool will be quite efficient once in place, I believe you need to think through the human element of getting people interested in energy efficiency and really understanding why they should devote resources to utilizing the toolkit and implementing recommendations.