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Barnabe Geis

Jul 23, 2018


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Well articulated proposal and good identification of important stakeholders that can have a significant impact in reducing GHG emissions. What's a bit unclear is how the author plans to attract tech startups to participate, especially those who don't identify as being in the cleantech space and for whom sustainability and their footprint may not (yet) be a major concern. What is their incentive for participating when they are all-consumed by developing their tech and business, and when sustainability considerations may add an additional layer of complexity they are loath to take on?

Additionally, calculating the impact of their actions will be challenging. Establishing a baseline means that they would be measuring the same things (in our case GHGs) and know how to accurately do so across their supply chain (they won't). At the very least the budget would likely require a dedicated impact measurement specialist to work with the participating startups to setup their measurement frameworks and to verify some of the assumptions in their calculations. 

Crista Renner

Jul 23, 2018


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A well-thought-out application that proposes a number of services/solutions already available in the market. Create greater distinction from what is already being offered. Although a sponsorship model is identified, it is unclear who the customer would be for this kind of service, and whether this is sustainable. A greater requirement for the articulation of impact.