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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The proposal lacks description of the "ToolKit" and how will the SME use it. Is the toolkit a DIY audit of the facility/office? The proposal referred to multi SME categories serviced by one toolkit. Amalgamating all different type of SMEs in one toolkit will make it too complicated with a high potential risk of missing several significant variables/parameters that should be included. One toolkit per SME category might be more practical and less challenging.

Effort to codify their learnings and teaching for a broader audience is laudable. Would have liked to see more about marketing and adoption by SMEs.

Not innovative, but likely useful to SMEs Hard to know impact on GHGs

Some compelling stories to tell but it is unclear why this toolkit would be used over the others available. Provide more detail on the points of difference and the distribution plan to get into hands of SMEs.

This toolkit has been rolled out in large organizations with many locations. As Meredith Adler mentioned, this is time consuming for SMEs. This takes a lot of initiative.

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