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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The idea is more oriented towards regular customers not SMEs. Many of the main couriers have drop off sites in neighbourhood specially for businesses as well as communal drop off in business hubs. Unclear: How the recipient is expecetd to reach the locker to retrieve the package, by car? How it will be ecofriendly delivered (bikes, electric vehicles, how many will be available to cover a large area), what is the CAPEX for a starter? The team is an interesting group. It is great to see grad students being innovative and collaborating between different universities and majors. This should be recognized and commended.

What is GHG Impact? Could be very complicated and time consuming to get individual SMEs to act as hubs. Better would be a large company with many outlets (like Shoppers Drug Mart with Canada Post)

Similar solutions have been attempted, proposal appears to be very early-stage with multiple elements in the budget that need to be prioritized

There are many bike delivery services in cities, and I'm struggling to see what this offers beyond those services. The differentiation is in parcel delivery but the feasibility of the logistics seems to be a stretch.

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