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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

While the proposal is well presented the idea is an existing one and the science behind the innovation is not compelling. Turbine on building are problematic from structural perspective, and creates turbulence not fluid flow to harvest. VAWT in general requires more material and has more wear and tear than horizontal. Capital and maintenance costs will not be very attractive to SME.

Love the technology Validation should be supported by a university of government lab (Canmet Labs? NRC?) Hard to know GHG potential so can't give high marks for impact Building codes may be a problem? Do a lot of SMEs own their own buildings? The clientele might be developers and real estate companies?

Interesting, but very hard to pilot in a short amount of time with given resources. Not clear how it addresses best opportunities for SMEs to reduce emissions. But certainly an interesting technology to test.

Use of the turbines by SMEs is not clear and the expression of a target market is unclear - interesting technology that is currently available - what are the barriers to adoption? Expression of impact is limited and without any clear metrics.

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