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Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

Interesting idea. However, any impact will depend on the categories/variables to be addressed and challenged which could be unattainable or insignificant, and users ratings which most of the time are very subjective.

Great idea for YELP for green business ratings! Who would use the info and how? Difficult to know Long term GHG impact., if any.

A gamified approach to sustainability has some success, but the capabilities of the development team are unclear, and the project costs are vague.

I really like this idea since it employs a new driver, the customer, to drive change. While there are various labeling and benchmarking programs, I don't see any for small businesses in Ontario other than, for example, Toronto's foodsafe program (I always check the certificate for a full pass). However, Barnabe Geis' comment about the data used to demonstrate environmental actions is on point. Ontario has many tools and resources that show resource use information that could be employed but are not. This app increases cloudspace used and for no particularly good reason. Research into Ontario and the types of data that we have would improve this proposal.

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