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Global blockchain based solution encouraging individuals and institutions in saving planet and society.



What concrete idea do you propose?

Proposed idea focuses on creating blockchain solution that encourages individuals and institutions in saving natural resources, limiting greenhouse emissions, and helps to increase quality of life in cities. Special score system is introduced that rewards users for actions like:

  • Using public transport instead of cars

Benefits: Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, which help to reduce smog, improve air quality.

If you use electric power public transport, you will get extra points.

  • Taking 5-minutes shower and saving water

Benefits: Average shower takes 8minutes long. Standard shower heads use 2.5 gallons of water per minute. If participant will try to short his shower, he will get extra points. Our idea is to save this extra 3 minutes!

  • Picking bottle with filter

Benefits: Using filtered tap water as an alternative to bottle water is a natural environmentally friendly solution, helping to reduce the amount of PET waste.

  • Waste sorting

Benefits: It can save on non-reusable resources as well as water and landfill space, and most of all it can save energy. So, recycling reduces emissions, conserves nergy, and reduces pollution.

  • Choosing eco products from eco breeding’s without preservatives

Benefits: Better general sensation and mood, and force food companies to reduce using so much ingredients like preservatives which has bad impact on our health.

Users can participate in this system by installing special application on their personal devices, and generating special QR code, that can be printed, or viewed inside app. Institutions participating in system can scan this QR code and send score points to individual that helped to reduce his negative impact on planet or society. Institutions allowing to use this system are also rewarded by government in form of tax incentives. Government receives less income from tax, but it is offsetted by individuals and institutions who do not participate in system, and do not care about environment. Penalties in form of additional tax are added to individuals who use inefficient form of transport like using personal cars instead of public transport. The more score point individual has, the more discounts he or she gets. Points are taken away from such individuals when performing activities that severely impacts planet in negative way. Financial resources gained from those individuals can be used to offset negative impact.

Who will take these actions?

  • Institutions
  • Government
  • Travelers/individuals


What impact will these actions have on sustainability within Travel & Mobility?

If people use public transport, there will be less traffic, fumes, cancer occurrence. Additionally, if we start to use more public transport, there will be more convenient/direct connections.

About the team members

We are a team of 3 passionate students from Rzeszow University of Technology in Rzeszow. Catherine and ?ukasz are studying Aviation on specialization pilotage, so they are really close to the problem. Jakub is studying robotics and is very interested in designing aircraft and UAVs.