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Empowering farmers to practice hybrid arrow root farming as an adaptive measure to climate change and a solution to food insecurity



Climate Smart Agriculture aims to empower farmers in rural communities in Kenya to practice hybrid arrow root farming as a measure of adapting to climate change impacts and to improve food security. The hybrid arrow root is native in Rwanda and can easily be transported to Kenya and unlike the arrow root currently grown by farmers in Kenya, it requires less water and its maturity period is short. Some of the issues this kind of farming addresses include;

  1. Adapting to climate change i.e. it is resilient to drought and utilizes very minimal water, mulching will also be practiced so as to conserve the available water
  2. Increasing food security
  3. Economic development and empowerment i.e. selling of the produce, providing marketing for the farmers and looking for better prices , value addition such as milling
  4. Afforestation i.e. encouraging every farmer to have a forestry corner in their farm and encourage them to plant especially indigenous tree species

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