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Rahul Surin

Jul 19, 2019


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We got the info of this competition too late so we are late for the review of the project or editing it. As was busy with my learnings in macroeconomics for Business module MIT SLOAN SCHOOL of MANAGEMENT(Online Campus). Hope there may be no conflict of interest issue as I am a participant in the programme. 

Anyways would help the needful !

Title:MIIGIT(Mutually Induced Inclusive Growth with Innovation in Technology)Jharkhand A startup inititiative in re:


The idea is to create a wholistic socioeconomic road map for sustainable growth in rural and semiurban cities with use of Technology based on parametric algorithm which can provide tailor made solutions in different context through Machine Learning, Blockchain and AI starting from key areas in Ranchi.

Other links updating soon each day ! 

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