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Please find below the judging results for your proposal.

Semi-Finalist Evaluation

Judges'' comments

The idea to link the creation of a small coffee shop business and the coffee production/tree plantation is interesting and original. Coffee is certainly a very good vector of consumer awareness and meaningful financial engagement for the environment (see Max Havvelaar equitable coffee). The awareness campaign, aiming a very different public, is very well built. However, there is not much information to argue about the feasibility of the proposal on the rural side: are there already existing contacts with farmers and rural people interested in planting trees and trading coffee? More generally, beyond the optimistic description of the different phases of the project, there is a need for a robust theory of change: why farmers would be interested to plant trees? What would be their interest beyond receiving seeds/seedlings? How the coffee shop will secure economic profitability? A theory of change has to be developed because planting tree does not depend only on the availability of seedlings of tree, it is much more complex, and the return for the producer is a very long term return.

The project would gain in improvement if it partners with technical partners (forestry sector, forestry organization) to provide further technical inputs/ design to build a good proposal. Another issue that the proponent might look at is the leakage issue. How to make sure the coffee used in the business does not come from areas that are also unstainably managed and/or deforested.

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