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Robert Putnam

Dec 4, 2012


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We need to declare TOTAL WAR ON POLLUTION AND GLOBAL with small steps such as these: BAN GAS POWERED LEAF BLOWERS: Gas powered leaf blowers emit as much pollution in a year as 80 cars. Rakes and electric lawn blowers are better alternatives. BAN CHARCOAL LIGHTER FLUID: Charcoal lighter fluid emits at least three times more pollution than electric charcoal starter or charcoal chimney. MANDATE THAT GAS STATIONS INSTALL NATURAL GAS PUMPS FOR NATURAL GAS POWERED CARS: Why don't gas stations have a pump for natural gas powered cars? I see those cars on the road from time to time and I know they pollute a whole lot less than gas powered cars. We have an abundance of natural gas and it's much cheaper than regular gas. What's the excuse? MANDATE THAT GAS STATIONS IN THE WEST INSTALL SOLAR PANELS ON THEIR ROOFS. Those flat roofs over must gas pumps would be perfect for solar panels. Almost everywhere in the West is good for solar. Make the oil companies offset some of their pollution by forcing them to install solar. It will save them money in the long run anyway. MANDATE THAT ALL NEW HOMES INSTALL SOME FORM OF ALTERNATIVE ENERGY: Solar panels, small wind turban, or something. If someone can afford a new home in this market, they can afford to get with the times and help the environment. MANDATE WHITE OR REFLECTIVE ROOFING MATERIAL ON ALL NEW FLAT ROOFS.

Mark Hurych

Dec 16, 2012


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War is hell. I prefer knowing what positive outcomes we can anticipate rather than knowing what negative outcomes will be averted by fighting them off aggressively. Of course I agree with your ends. Climate stability, thriving biosphere, and a safe and supportive niche for the whole of the human family would be a minimal expectation for any such action. My thinking is that we will be requiring the help of the whole of the human race. We are 7 billion now and most likely 9 billion before the century is done. But if we don't act correctly and in concert with our collective best interests, we may not see 2100 as a species. Earth's ecoshpere should be our friend but it has been become ignored. Collectively, we humans are the enemy. Besides pollution as such we have to reverse the global sixth mass extinction episode. Certain species are critical. You are talking about the polluting habits of 5% of the population of the planet. Much more cohesive, collective, and collaborative efforts must be applied. Soon.

Sam Notsureyouneedthis

Apr 20, 2015


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From reading a little Catton (Overshoot) and a little "Mein Kampf" I would say that is playing with fire. It may be a way, however Nazi ideology drew rather heavily from aspects of ecology. If we move closer to an ecological understanding of our limited world I'd much prefer not wearing jackboots while doing so.