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Oil / Coal and Gas

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Mar 26, 2013


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One might posit that the only really important topic is to massively dis-incentivize then put an outright ban on fossil fuels; beginning with the military and all other non essential services and products such as private vehicles. What do you think? A massive tax? If so in the consuming nation or in the producing nation or both an how does one split the revenue if shared. What does one stimulate with the tax and how does one remove dependence on same? Example: This, however, does not mean that unorthodox tenets can’t or haven’t been implemented successfully. Though unorthodox, this does not imply that these economic tenets cannot work nor that haven't worked in the past. (tenet? / precept? / doctrine? / ) as well as to the nations of the shrinking center as well. From the book Indignez-vous! (2010), by author Stéphane Hessel. TONES