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Algae Carbon Sink to Prevent Clathrate Gun

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Nick Carter

Jun 22, 2012


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Algae biofuels are neat, but there's no market or infrastructure to convert. That's why we need to mine the sky for carbon using algae and store the fuel stocks underground in salt domes like the strategic petroleum reserve. Using this mechanism as a carbon sink to offset global hydrocarbon use will not only safe our planet from becoming like Venus, but also positions USA to be an energy leader able to exploit shale gas while literally mining the sky for energy stocks. This converts global hydrocarbon use from an existential threat into a strategic advantage (you burn it, we'll capture and store thank you very much). This idea is doable now with existing science, all we need is the collective will on man and Government, which means we're probably screwed, but at least I'm putting up a fight. HELP