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Russ George

May 27, 2013


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Geoengineering is a pejorative terms that lumps good with bad. Engineering ideas that require a cost of CO2 management to be hundreds of dollars per tonne of CO2 are held to be in the same category as mitigating CO2 by replenishing natural plant life at costs of pennies per tonne. People and organizations with vested interest in feeding at the climate change trough filled with hundreds of billions of dollars are ruthless in fighting against any low cost solutions to the crisis of CO2. Yet such solutions are at hand. Eco-engineering is the replenishment and restoration of plant ecosystems. By restoring the Trees and Seas we can convert billions of tonnes of CO2 into sustained life that once and will again work to mitigate the crisis of fossil CO2. How about a contest titled ECOENGINEERING. A contest based on real hope. Not a contest based on unrealized, unattainable, unaffordable dreams founded in despair.