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Join the Action4Climate competition!

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Feb 6, 2014


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Hi! I work for a global climate change campaign called Connect4Climate, a proud partner of the Climate CoLab project. Connect4Climate recently launched Action4Climate, a global competition for the best short documentaries on climate change. ACTION4CLIMATE video challenge invites young aspiring filmmakers to produce and submit a 1-12 minute video documentary telling a story about climate change. How is climate change impacting your community? What are you doing about it? What needs to be done to solve the climate challenge? PRIZES In addition to the prizes mentioned below, winning films will go to major film festivals and will be featured on the new MTV Voices platform. 14-17 Age Group Winners Prize 1st Video equipment and software 2nd Video editing software 3rd Tablet 18-35 Age Group Winners Prize 1st USD 15,000 2nd USD 10,000 3rd USD 5,000 Submit your video by using this link: Find more information at I am sure you all would like to showcase your projects, so we look forward to your submissions! Good luck! Simona Palummo

Yusuf Mallie

Feb 25, 2014


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Everyone feel they have solutions to help or change the trajectory of climate chaos Our time is short as the winds of change is blowing down our homes, flooding our living rooms, devastating our crops and drying up our water supply. Our love for oil and coal will be our demise. We should never stop trying to design and implement a solution. No matter the consequence, "if not you who, if not now when" I invented an alternative solution, I designed and developed a unique Energy Multiplier for electricity. A unique device coupled to both the power source and the generator that speeds up the output RPM and Torque of a standard motor. To demonstrated its awesome capability, I built an electrical Generator. I built this in my garage. A year ago. For a whole year after completing my proof of concept a working prototype. I only get responses from deniers and debunking skeptics. In a world being destroyed by carbon pollution, a dying population searching for alternative solutions. But when solutions are offered, deniers and debunkers are the first on the band wagon. I am claiming nothing more than an efficient method to increase energy. This is not even my complete design. Just the Back up clean energy generator for Renewable Energy. My invention my Energy Multiplier is design specific, I used my ratio design for EV's a 1/3.5. range extender. I modified it an Built my electrical generator. The power source is a 4 pole 3 ph 0.75 kw motor. I achieved a 2.5 kw optimum with a 3.5 kw peak. The maximum amperage consumed is 7 amp delivering 15 amp output. This was only my first self funded progressive design of a simple gearbox. But the deniers are up in arms. Screaming Laws against it. The laws of thermodynamics are the invisible, boundaries, we should break with creative ingenuity and applied science. All I did was invent an inconceivable element and introduced it into the equation with positive, practical results. If I should modify and use my Energy Multiplier and introduce it into our current method of combustible generated energy. Immediately we reduce carbon emissions. increase productivity and more. Its a paradigm changer. But I am denied audience, recognition from science agencies. Because I broke a law. I didn't break the law. I altered it. I formulated a new equation with positive results. Without my device. The law still stands. Now imagine this technology coupled to HFC for clean energy and a unique propulsion system for all forms of transport. So my question is: Do we really want to see change?? Is evolution into Clean Energy Taboo?? Is alternative Energy a dead end becoz of deniers?? Why is it taking so long for science community to accept my invention or give me recognition?? Even thou I demonstrated it at various exhibitions and science competitions. I didn't build a perpetual machine, it just the first baby steps making it possible and boy it is possible with higher ratio's. Please like my proposal for Autonomous Renewables, to fight and reduce impact of climate change