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Are there categories of solutions?

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Dan Whittet

May 3, 2014


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Would it be useful to establish categories for solutions based on broad areas like reduction strategies, technology,or regulation and taxation? Does the Climate CoLab have the potential to drown excellent ideas in a sea of random comments?

Laur Hesse Fisher

May 5, 2014


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Hi scrapsparcs - Thanks for your questions. 1- All our climate change contests and proposed are organized by what we call our taxonomy, a structured framework that breaks climate change into classifications. The taxonomy currently has three dimensions -- what, where, who -- and soon we'll be introducing "how", which will allow members to search and find proposal by categories such as the ones you mentioned (technologies, policy, etc.) We will actually be launching a new, interactive version of the taxonomy within a couple months, but you can find a quick view of the current version here: and a more robust version here: We were also considering a searchable tagging system -- do you think this would help? 2- Our Judges review and assess proposals based on their content, and while they may take some of the comments into consideration, they do not serve as the basis for their review. Also, we are looking into instituting upvoting or flagging on comments -- let us know if you have ideas for other solutions! Thanks for your thoughts! Laur For the Climate CoLab Team