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Munipalities contributing to the demise of greenhouse effects.

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Paul Via Franco

May 6, 2014


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Today in San Antonio, Texas, we held a city wide day designated for donations to many causes. One of them being environmental. Texas is widely known as a red state, yet the city of San Antonio is quite blue. My question is, is this a secluded phenomena or have other municipalities have designated days like this as well. As a whole, the city has raised over one million dollars in one day, though it is not totally for climate change reform. It goes to show what local communities can achieve with regards to monetary power to provide for organizations & businesses seeking to advance the environmental agenda. The day was called "The Big Give S.A." & it can be found at I posted the link merely as an example of the organizing skills. Feel free to take a look.

Vishal Bhavsar

May 18, 2014


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Thanks to share the info and link. May be similar approach can be used in emerging economies like us.