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The simple politics of climate change

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William Chandler

Aug 1, 2014


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Have noted an email discussion re climate change action ideas and, in haste just before travelling to Europe, a simple if naïve idea came to mind. Like all simple ideas, it is easier said than done. Also it the result of great frustration with how current Australian governments are essentially in denial that anything needs to done, despite the rhetoric and simple slogans. I do not have a party-political connection but take a considerable interest in governance and politics in both my professional and personal activities. A short cv is attached for your information. Notwithstanding the plethora of ideas that are scientific or technical or spatial organisation of cities, the simple idea is to use all media to ask: • Every politician standing for election to clearly and convincingly demonstrate (policies, methods, timing, outcomes) how they will address climate change • Every voter to set aside party loyalty/complacency and vote for the politician/party that has the most credibility in achieving the necessary action.