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Posts typed before login are lost

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Ben Towne

Aug 21, 2014


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When a member whose session is expired (or otherwise logged out) reads a discussion thread and types a response, and clicks to add comment, a login box pops up in front of the page. After entering valid login credentials, the expected result is for the user to be logged in and the comment (still visible behind the login box) to be posted. (Ideally this should work even if the login takes a few attempts.) Instead, the result of entering valid credentials is a reload of the page showing the user is now logged in, but with the pretyped comment lost. This should either be corrected, or the box to add comment should be deleted and replaced by a "You must be logged in to add a comment" hyperlink that pops up a login form, with the box to type in a comment only visible if that comment can be posted. Thanks for your work!

Manuel Thurner

Sep 2, 2014


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Thank you for your feedback wbt! We improved the way the comment system works: comments are no longer lost when you are not logged in.