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Air conditioning campaign ideas (anyone? please!)

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Information Technologies Institute Of Jalisco Ijalti

Oct 17, 2014


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Hello, My name is Pamela Hernandez and I work for the Information Technologies Institute of Jalisco (in Guadalajara, Mexico), which is a non-profit organization that among the different cell units is managing an ICT park which has over 10,000 sq. m. and around 1000 visitors every day. As you might see, this can be a lot to Manage, especially when it comes in terms of providing the conditions for people to work, however, we're trying to implement a social responsibility policy and we're starting by reducing the Air conditioning use and by incentive the non-motorized vehicles use. However if you have any other ideas that might help, we'd truly appreciate your help. We're not experts in climate change, but we' would like to change our daily habits and to contribute to make a difference in our daily environment. Thanks so much in advance! Sincerely, -Pam

Alan Greenspan

Nov 12, 2014


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You can integrate growing vegetables/algae on rooftops/walls and this would reduce the energy required to heat/cool a building, and the water from the air conditioning unit could help water the plants as well. For low income, can easily grow vegetables vertically in a close-loop system using recycled water bottles... Let's work together some day soon. Best regards, Alan

Richard Gillaspie

Jan 16, 2015


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Garden roofs, passive solar, cooling tube technologies, and waste water reuse, all are relatively low cost in new construction. Garden roofs fairly easy and low cost to implement in existing buildings when the structure is sound enough. Don't know about Mexican codes, in US this is often the greatest barrier to implementing/requiring these methods.

Hemant Wagh

Mar 7, 2015


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Greetings, It's a good issue. You have mentioned the area as 'ICT park which has over 10,000 sq. m. and around 1000 visitors every day.' We do not know whether its the area of building or of premises. If it's premises then you can increase the green density by minimizing the asphalting and maximizing the uncovered land which could be used to grow maximum number of trees, try growing fruit trees as far as possible. Link to such a proposal is "" Rain-water Harvesting would help you further. Painting the roof white would reduce the energy consumption needed for cooling the building. Cooling may be adjusted to a slightly higher temperature. Turning the equipment off during the non-working periods would also help further. If the city is in a high temperature zone painting the exterior white would reduce cooling costs. Roof top may be covered with solar panels for warm water and electricity requirements instead of painting it white depending upon the funds at your disposal. Common entry/exit places with maximum traffic may be used to install pressure sensitive electric generation unit, opening and closing the doors may be manual and at maximum traffic points this may be used to generate electricity. Though I am not an expert I have this minimum to suggest .