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Algae for Climate Mitigation

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Nathan White

Jan 5, 2015


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AGESS inc. has been researching how algae cultivation could be the most cost effective means of mitigation of green house emissions while treating waste water through algae cultivation. Our pilot project has been submitted to DWR for agricultural drainage reuse. looking forward to starting the discussion. #Algae

Monica Klavano

Jan 17, 2015


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How about oil eating bacteria?

Richard Gillaspie

Jan 22, 2015


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All for it. Anything that can use natural evolutionary means to bring about some harvest from errors of our past.

Stuart Hodson

Oct 15, 2016


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How about converting the seaweed oil (triglycerides - glycerol and three fatty acid chains) into Bioresin? This can substitute for petrochemically derived resin (urea formaldehyde, MDI) and can be used for building materials e.g. engineered wood products, and as a substitute for steel and some concrete applications. The CO2 is fixed for the life of the products (determinable) and not released upon combustion (as with biodiesel use). It is also a higher value product. Cambridge Biopolymers has been able to do this for 16 years and has produced many samples. I met Tim Flannery who greatly supports ocean seaweed afforestation. I don't understand why the rest of the world has not yet woken up to this - including IPCC, Royal Society US government..... The leading alternative geoengineering proposal is releasing SO2 into the stratosphere!!