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Unlimited Jet Fuel From Wind Power

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Robert Schreib

Apr 6, 2015


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Dear Sirs, The wind power industry has recently invented various models of flying windmills, which can fly high up in the air, to exploit the much stronger winds up there, to make electricity to send to the ground through very long tether lines. In theory, these flying windmills could empower all of our electrical needs. In practice, we cannot have them anywhere near cities, due to the danger to aircraft, and because the NIMBY protestors will never allow them to be around populated areas. Anyway, the U.S. Naval Laboratory invented a system that manufactures jet fuel from carbon dioxide, sea water, and electricity, which is used on the Navy's aircraft carrier ship, using electricity from the carriers nuclear power plants. The point is, we now have the established technology to equip used up ocean oil rigs, or big ocean fuel tanker ships, with these systems that manufacture jet fuel, and add flying windmills to these set-ups, far out in the middle of the oceans, away from aircraft and NIMBY protestors, and then ship in unlimited carbon dioxide which we can recycled from our coal burning electric power plants, and use the unlimited sea water there, and also use the unlimited electricity from the flying windmills, to mass-manufacture a virtually unlimited supply of carbon jet fuel for the world. Eventually, we could add solar or wave-powered devices to supply more electricity, but the flying windmills would be used first to establish the initial set-up of all this. That covers it.