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Why are the front page questions so large in scope?

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Christopher Nelson

Apr 17, 2015


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So my assumption about crowd sourcing is that it is more effective when you can ask something that most people would have ideas about or an opinion on. The current slate of questions being asked on the front page seem like they are so large in scope or technical in nature that they would be intimidating to an average person coming to this site. They seem more along the lines of something an expert for actionable insight. For instance, one question being asked right now is "What initiatives, policies and technologies can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from waste and waste management?" I have no idea how to start to answer that question. I would have many questions that need answering before even trying to provide useful insight. What greenhouse gasses come from waste? What is being done right now to manage them? What greenhouse gas management technologies exist that could be applied to the problem? I'm really at a loss as to how the crowd can come up with good answers to this that wouldn't be better supplied by a panel of experts. The question also suffers from sounding like the title of a policy whitepaper. Why not ask something more approachable, like "What creative solutions do you have to reduce the amount of trash you create each week?" I only ask because the idea for this group seems really compelling, and yet I feel like the way it's being done puts up artificial barriers to participation.

Jan Kunnas

Apr 19, 2015


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Dear Christopher, As I understand this competition is more interested in good ideas that perfect answers. Furthermore, there is no need to be intimidated by the word significant. An idea bringing only a small reduction, but that can be taken up by many, will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Personally, I am looking forward to read and comment your suggestion big or small.

Hemant Wagh

Apr 22, 2015


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An idea......that can be taken up by many! Professor JanK, this is exactly the point I made when I posted "Swami Vivekananda Fruit-Trees Expansion Mission for environment, peace, health". Kindly go through this. Link is below.