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Information in proposals is being deleted

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Michael Hayes

Jun 10, 2015


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I am finding multiple events of information within proposals simply vanishing. This is wasting many hours of my time and is highly problematic. In some cases, the 'references' section will show "baseProposalId=0" where links should be. In other cases, the information is simply gone!!!!! This is not the first time this instability in the system has shown up. Trashing proposals, through deleting information, should be highly objectionable to the management team. It is highly objectionable to myself and the others I have found who also are being subjected to this form of vandalism. Please stop these childish attacks. Michael

Laur Hesse Fisher

Jun 11, 2015


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Hi Michael, Our web development team is looking into this now. As we build the platform quickly enough to keep up with our rapidly growing community, it does have hiccups and bugs from time to time and we work to repair them as soon as possible. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, and thank you for alerting us -- it helps us fix these bugs much faster. ~~ Laur Climate CoLab Project Manager

Michael Hayes

Jun 13, 2015


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Hi Laur, Thank you for the kind note. As this seems to be an on-going issue which has not been solved in well over a year, that I know of, I'm simply taking to the habit of keeping off-site copies of my work for easy reference as simply keeping the work on your site becomes simply too risky. It may be worth the time to warn the majority of those who give you their time and effort that a current copy of their work should be stored elsewhere as relying upon the CoLab to safe-keep their work has significant and frequent risks.

Annalyn Bachmann

Jun 15, 2015


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Hello Michael, Thank you for your concern! Due to the on-going nature of this issue, we've actually added a note in the proposal creation template recommending that authors save their work offline before hitting “submit". Thanks, Annalyn Bachmann Visiting Student with the Climate CoLab