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How does Climate Colab rate? (as an organization)

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Robert Cogan

Jun 11, 2015


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This year's transportation entries look pretty lean, especially compared to last year. Why is that? I know that Climate Colab kicked Robert DeDomenico out last year, because they objected to him discussing strengths and weaknesses of some proposals the way he did. I think they threw the baby out with the bathwater there. His proposal was the most relevant and valuable one they've ever gotten. Ironic that Climate Colab claims any care for actually having any impact, when they behave like this. What have the spokespersons have to say about this? (Will they kick me out next? And delete this comment?)

Laur Hesse Fisher

Jun 14, 2015


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Hi Robert, We did receive fewer proposals in the transportation contest this year (22) as opposed to last year (45), and our team is looking into why that may be. Robert DeDomenico's account was suspended last year due to multiple violations of the Community Philosophy and Policies, even after many warnings. We always welcome -- and, in fact, encourage -- authors to discuss the merits and weaknesses of their and other members' proposals; but in order to foster productive conversations, we require everyone to do so within the Community Philosophy and Policies that we have established. You can read them here: We carefully select our Judges each year for their expertise and experience, and must, at some level, trust their judgment. While last year's Judges did not advance CargoFish to the Finalist round, we would welcome the team to resubmit this proposal into a transportation contest in future years to be considered again. You may also include it as a part of a national strategy for the United States or other countries, in a one of our regional plans. Read more about them here: Sincerely, Laur Fisher Climate CoLab Project Manager