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The "Impact" models are showing different outcomes with same inputs.

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Michael Hayes

Aug 14, 2015


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I'm working with the models provided in the "Impact" section and I've found that I'm getting different outcomes while providing the same input data. Please compare the differences between the U.S. model/data input: and China's model: Please advise, Michael

Annalyn Bachmann

Aug 17, 2015


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Hello Michael, Thank you for reaching out to us, and pointing this out. I will pass along your message to the impact assessment fellows, and hopefully they can figure out what is going on. Thank you, Annalyn Bachmann Visiting Student with the Climate CoLab

Marco Miotti

Aug 17, 2015

Impact Assessment Fellow

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Hi Michael, The emissions in those graphs only reflect the GHG emissions in the respective region. Therefore, the first model shows the annual GHG emissions of the U.S., and the second model those of China. These two countries are not equivalent in terms of underlying parameters and assumptions, and therefore the model outputs are different. Does this answer your question? Best, Marco

Michael Hayes

Aug 18, 2015


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Thanks Marco, Yes, I did finally realize that the models were nation/region specific. Can you tell speculate why the China model shows a significant upswing on the right hand side? Are we looking at a population issue? Thanks, Michael