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Seeking team members for eco-friendly ferry company

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George Gibbens

Feb 7, 2016


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I am currently 15 years old and have a business plan for a new UK marine passenger service, I noticed there are only a few companies and the competition for this sector is very small in the UK, with only 3 companies operating southern routes. My idea is to introduce a socially and environmentally friendly service, being the first in the UK. The ferry service would use new technology on board the ferries to reduce the environmental impact which ferry travelling has. This business would also go to Africa and to the US, being the first passenger ferry to do so, furthermore the expansion to Africa would allow a socially sustainability in the form of jobs through tourism. Not only would this boost the economy, as it would be UK based, it would increase trade and relations with other EU countries and help towards a more sustainable future. I understand I am very young and my business may seem a little "extreme" though with climate change becoming a bigger issue it is a very good idea, furthermore their is an increasing want for a new ferry service within the UK.

Aaron Davis

Feb 24, 2016


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I've been on many ferries. Across the Hudson river in NY, in Vancouver, across the Mississippi River and even in Corpus Christy, TX. In high latitudes like the Great Lakes and the Baltic Sea, ferry operations offer an opportunity in winter to cool the water beneath the ice allowing energy to escape from below. Colder water increases ice formation outside the channel increasing ice extent in summer. In widespread use this would reduce global warming while increasing economic activity. I would welcome your support of the proposal: Shipping in the Arctic to Cool Off the Planet, and appreciate your signal to include ferry operations in this plan.