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Green Roofs: What if your city behaved like an ecosystem?

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James Southwood

Oct 19, 2016


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I have recently written an article on how we can use green roofs to conceptualise buildings as dynamic living systems rather than static objects. The idea is that green roofs reconcile our artificial infrastructure with nature. (I use Ecosystem services and biomomicry as a framework.) What are people's perception of green roofs? This is literally putting vegetation on roofs. Do you think they can make a meaningful gains in adaption and mitigation of climate change in the city?

Julia Langdon

Dec 11, 2016


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Hi Southy
I'm not sure if this is helpful but there was an article and subsequent discussion on this that I read in the economist when zeal for this was a little better in london. It might provide some insight to attitudes at least.
Best, Julia

James Southwood

Apr 17, 2017


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Many thanks Julia.