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Save Energy Save Lives #SDGs #cars #airpollution Stop polluting cities by cars,Use GPS electric capsule

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Suresh Kumar

Feb 2, 2017


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PROBLEM :- In cities what is the speed of a car on road ? It is not possible to get an average (Km/Litre) on roads inside cities due to congestion, red light , fast moving and slow moving vehicles on the same roads and the limited space on roads . The number of vehicles is ever increasing. Most of the times the cars are occupied by a single person (The owner) . It means for a single person about 40 square feet of road space is occupied which should not be more than 5 to 6 square feet. For a single person whose weight along with a bag or briefcase is not more than 100 kg, a car / vehicle of 1000 kg is used . It is a wastage of road space, Fuel and time on roads. The time consumed is 3 to 4 time more on roads and we can well imagined the working hours lost on roads. There is more smoke in cities due to these slow moving vehicles and more smoke related diseases. {{SAVE PRECIOUS TIME FOR PATIENTS IN AMBULANCE BY AVOIDING TRAFFIC JAMS }} SOLUTION :- I think the solution lies in reducing the number of Vehicles on the roads. Personalised electric Trolley/ capsule with a capacity of one person having a carrying capacity of just 200-250 Kg including weight of person and its own weight from Home to Office instead of cars having a weight of 1000 Kg may be a good option . The excess fuel wasted on moving a car of 1000 kg will be reduced to a large extent if we use GPS guided Electrical Capsule which will consume less fuel due to its light weight . Here we must know that we are just carrying an excess weight of car, about 1000 -to 1500 Kg , without any need and wasting fuel on it. Trolleys of weight upto 150 Kg will be a better option if we take the weight of person and briefcase around 100 Kg. The trolleys should start from home and reach the destination /office by GPS on the elevated tracks build at some height above existing roads (May be on the opposite sides of tracks used by elevated metros trains wherever possible.) . The parking problem can be solved as the trolleys/capsules can be parked on top of the building and want less space. It will reduce the area used by cars on roads thereby reducing congestion of traffic , Fuel consumption and Pollution in cities. Moreover this type of GPS guided Capsules/Trolleys can move on some tracks on the opposite sides of Metro Tracks so no extra infrastructure will be required. BENEFITS :- 1. There will be sufficient space on roads and less pollution due to traffic jams . 2. Less traffic jams means less time lost on roads and more working hours . 3. More working hours will led to more productivity per person . 4. Less pollution means less pollution related diseases . 5. Less traffic jams means less wastage of fuel which means less import of Oil and saving of foreign exchange. 6. The electric capsules can be parked on top of buildings and there will be more space on streets which are otherwise congested due to parked cars . Also the capsules will occupies less space. 7. A special electric capsule Ambulance can be parked at a distance of 500 metres which can be directly connected with hospitals . A precious time will be saved to save lives of persons in emergency conditions. 8. Sometimes the traffic is blocked due to water or road conditions which can be avoided by electric capsules. 9. More employment will be generated for the maintainance of electric capsules and production. 10. Space which is not being used till date will be put to optimum use for the benefit of common people. Infrastructure :- To start with we can use the opposite side of Metro Network which is already there like in Delhi. The elevated tracks are strong enough to carry an electric capsules of total weight 250 Kg including weight of passenger. This side of the elevated tracks is unused and can be put to some use for reducing pollution and other benefits. Some large car manufacturer should come forward to produce such light weight trolleys in which a person can go to office/work with some belongings without the need for a car of 1000 Kg to 1500 Kg . Hope you will like the idea . Favored/ Retweeted or liked @sureshkito by International Leaders / Organisations /Institutes/ :- Helen Clark, Administrator UNDP, Helen Clark @Helen4SG #ParisAgreement, Amina J Mohammed , Former UN Secy Gen special Advisor on SDGs RWW/Mentions ICM @icm2016 chaired by Mr.K Rudd, Ex PM of Australia Dominique Ristori, Director General- European Commission, Marguerite GAZZE , Comm. 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