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I'm Confused!

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Johnnie Buttram

Mar 28, 2017


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Hopefully - contest Judges and Fellows in the future - will be able to make planetary life & death decisions that will be based on the proposal being evaluated in the correct contest! As an example, the BIG GULP - Sahara proposal that was judged in the Anticipating Climate Hazards 2017 contest is actually a proposal in the Geo-engineering contest! The results, being many hundreds of dedicated hours . . dismissed as being not being relevant! Johnnie Buttram

Annalyn Bachmann

Apr 7, 2017


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Hi Johnnie, 

We apologize if there was a miscommunication. We noticed that you submitted the proposal "Who We Are As Innovators . ." to the Anticipating Climate Hazards Contest. We were wondering if it is possible that these two proposals were confused. In the future, it is possible to move proposals prior to the end of the proposal creation period. This will ensure that it is considered during the judging process. If you ever need help with this, please feel free to contact us. 

Thank you again,