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Deivis Bluznevi?ius

Apr 26, 2017


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We use measurements to get energy and create objects and materials. We use constants tied to our planet. Meter and kilogram are based on water i.e. 1 m3 of water weights 1000 kg. The distance between equator to the pole is 10000 km. The temperature of liquid water is between 0 to 100 degrees Celsius. 1 degree of Celsius is equal 1 Kelvin. We divide one rotation of our planet into 86400 seconds. We use periodic table of elements to deal with atoms and subatomic particles. We use carbon as basis of mole. Coal and diamond are the same carbon. Meter, kilogram, second, Kelvin, mole are the basis of SI system in physics. We use carbon isotopes to measure age of fossils. We base creation of objects and generation of energy on these words. So our thought pattern does not let us to see beyond chemistry and physics. And so we see layers of Troposphere, Stratosphere, Mesosphere, Thermosphere, Exosphere. If we introduce new measurements of time and length our brain frequencies will change and we see different patterns in the universe. We will discover new laws.