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What are people doing when...

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Pia Jensen

Sep 15, 2017


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Now that the contest entries are in the judges hands, I've been reading more of the entries .. I start at the home page and review the latest activity... and, I've witnessed something curious... lots and lots of new members joining to support proposals (some people are really good at getting their connections to join, wish I had that magic)... and once they have joined, they support a proposal, and, then, this is the curious thing, they retract their support and then support again! Some people repeat that process several times. What's going on? Very interesting social media phenomenon.

Logan Donnelly

Feb 22, 2018


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I agree with you people always doubt their decisions and choices and because of this they rush there.

Bradley Layton

Mar 19, 2018


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I have been recruiting the support of colleagues. It's been fun to reconnect with friends and colleagues that I've been out of touch with.