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Future contests

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Climate Colab

Oct 4, 2010


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In this thread, Climate CoLab members are invited to suggest topics that could be addressed in future contests. Start your post with a question that could serve as a contest's focus. Climate CoLab contests require a model to predict the outcome of each proposal and key issues that proposals address. You are invited to suggest models that could be used and key issues relevant in addressing the question. The community asks that you abide by the site's philosophy and policies..

Juan Carlos Reyes

Nov 17, 2010


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If I can participate in the contest will be nice, but my main goal is to explain it and share with you my idea of a plan. is the last upload I did. Where do you adviceme to post it and present it to the member of this group. Thank you

Cretu Ciprian

Jul 20, 2016


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