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Climate of Change

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Jose Lebron

Oct 19, 2010


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I have to say I have kept quiet until now, But now i fell is time for an intelligent discussion. There is nothing new under the sun . That being said. We must that global warming is not something that we (hmans) created , its happened before and will happen again. Palm fronds found in northern canada and as well as russia can attest to the earths fickle nature of our ming, planet. I dont believe our presence is the cause of global warming, With or without us the earth is in the warming part of its cycle. This does however include colder winters and more severe storms. We as species are not the sentry at the gate. I do believe our abuse of the environment has accelerated the process. All this attention to clean energy is long over due. It has become fashionable to be green conscious .WOW. amazing . I did a paper in school more than 20yrs ago on the green house effect and i got a lot of strange looks. Now lets have an intelligent discussion now that we are all on the same page.