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Introducing the Climate Innovators Network

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Alex St John

Sep 2, 2020


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Dear Climate Colab Community,

I would like to introduce you to an exciting new global network designed to help scale industry-leading climate solutions: the Kite Climate Innovators Network. 

Enabled by the LEO matchmaking platform for innovators, the network will be an exclusive and dynamic space for cutting-edge doers and thinkers to interact with leading companies: to scale transformational concepts and have a real impact on the climate challenge. We are inviting ambitious innovators like you to join the network alongside experts who are developing scalable solutions to climate change. These groups will gain exposure to one another and be connected to business visionaries leading their industry’s green transitions.  

Despite a tremendous amount of existing climate innovation, and the constant evolution of this landscape, there appears to be very little collaboration between the innovators themselves and those who are in a position to fund and scale their projects.  Our aim is to harness this great opportunity, creating the right conditions for an ecosystem of innovation that is readily accessible for companies and capable of catalysing widespread climate action. 

The network is curated by Kite Insights and hosted by Leading Edge Only (LEO). Kite is a research and strategic engagement agency specialised in mobilising private sector action on global issues. LEO is a unique platform that allows fast-growth start-ups, SMEs, universities and other organisations to showcase their innovative solutions to a global audience and find corporate partners. LEO carries innovations and experts from leading institutions such as MIT, Harvard, Stanford and Imperial College, whilst its corporate partners include Fujitsu, Walgreens Boots, Philips, Virgin Atlantic and M&S, amongst others. 

There is no charge for innovators or experts to join the network. Your innovation (or expertise) must simply orient itself towards:

  • Mitigating the potential impacts of climate change
  • Enabling adaptation to the challenges caused by climate change
  • Accelerating the transition to a net-zero green economy.

To find out more and apply to join please visit us here. You can also email me at and I would be happy to answer any questions. 

Please do share this widely with individuals or institutions who you think might benefit from participation!

Alex St John